At Design Finance & Wealth we provide personal financial services and work with our clients to understand their unique needs and help them meet their individual financial goals.

We set out to do this by creating a service that delivers holistic financial advice and comprehensive solutions to our clients. We believe in providing support through a structured, tailored financial service that aims to both build wealth and save money. And using our experience that extends into a diverse range of specialised areas, we can help everyone, from first home buyers to experienced investors. Whatever your situation, we can clarify complex financial territory or bring order to the household budget and allow you to live a life, free of financial complications, where you can focus on what’s really important.

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Design Finance & Wealth’s superannuation financial service provides you with tailored advice to get your contributions going to the best fund and investments so that you can retire with confidence and peace of mind. We are a team of financial experts who can declutter the unnecessarily complicated red tape around superannuation, and you can sit back and watch your balance grow year after year. If you are looking to change funds, invest your super, take advantage of government tax cuts and incentives, or you just have a few questions, contact Design Finance & Wealth today to see what we can do for you today.

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Design Finance & Wealth find that a lot of our clients are tied down in a less than ideal insurance payment structure. We help them restructure their payments, find better deals, and cover more for less. We are confident in our abilities and know that our insurance financial service can help you, just like it has helped countless Australian households and business. We can free up your cash flow, increase your savings, and leave you with more money to spend when you need it. Don’t settle for the insurance you have always had, take advantage of our connections as professional insurance brokers and lets us negotiate a better deal on your behalf. Our independence means that our interests are always aligned with your own, and our only motivation is to get you the best offer.

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Commercial Finance

Design Finance & Wealth offers a range of services that help navigate the complex and demanding aspects of commercial finances. We can help you get that loan approved, move into or refurbish that new office, or invest in a property. Commercial lending and finance is more complex, and it needs the experience that we bring to the table. We can support you and your business with investing in commercial properties or expanding your current business and services. Do you need working capital? Regardless of your commercial finance needs, we will work alongside you to find a solution that suits.

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Equipment Finance

Design Finance & Wealth aims to provide expert financial solutions that help get specialised equipment to businesses when they need it. We know we have done our job when local Australian businesses can spend more time expanding their services and less looking for financing. Be it machinery, electronics, a vehicle, or a new technology, we’ll work with you to find an equipment financing solution that suits your business.

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Property Finance

Design Finance & Wealth will work with you to provide a comprehensive solution for current and future mortgages or investments. We get it. Property finance is challenging, and the only help you get from the bank is a bombardment of advertising designed to push their own products. Design Finance & Wealth is a competitive and independent mortgage broker. We use our extensive industry experience as finance expert to better your financial wellbeing and simplify your options. This helps you compare what is out there and adds depth to your decisions. Ultimately, our property finance goal is to find you the right structure that will manage your cash flow, reduce your risks, and let you take advantage of market opportunities. Our team of mortgage brokers in Brisbane are here to help with mortgages and investments so you can reach you financial goals.

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