About Us

We stand by our clients through each of their life’s financial steps.

Our Philosophy

Design Finance & Wealth strives to improve the quality of life of everyday Australians. Everyone worries about money, and for good reason; poorly managed finances have a run-on effect that impacts all aspects of our client’s lives, and this is what makes what we do so important.

Our Approach

Design Finance & Wealth are financial experts, and we believe in an information based approach to financial planning. This is why we ask you so many questions about your situation, goals, and take such a detailed look into your finances. We believe that no two clients are the same, and only by understanding your unique situation can we tailor advice specifically to you.

Although our expert advice is an invaluable service it isn’t all we offer. Design Finance & Wealth has access to 30 + lenders and the experience to broker a better deal through a bank or alternative financing. You won’t get quoted the rate and deals that we can offer you without these relationships.

We only consider our job done when our clients have more time and money to spend running and improving their business or lives; their finances all taken care of.

We value our independence

Our independence is important to us and it should be to you too. Discerning clients want to know that their financial planner isn’t going to push an agenda or hold a bias to make a buck from a commission. Design Finance & Wealth has access to 30 + lenders and the experience to broker better deals and secure funding or a loan when a business needs it, but the buck stops there. We work for our clients and believe that we have a responsibility to get them the best deals, loans, and financing and we can only do this by maintaining our independence to stay impartial.

We believe in ...

Taking care of first-home buyers

We believe everyone should be able to own their own home. And we believe in helping you get there.

Adding value to your portfolio

Design Finance & Wealth provides personal financial advice to both experienced and first time investors.

Simplifying refinancing

We have the expertise to simplify refinancing a loan, potentially saving you thousands.

Helping business grow

Your business shouldn't be hindered by cash-flow, we can help you take the next step.

Giving a well informed second opinion

We will always give honest and timely advice. No smoke and mirrors here, we always want what is best for our clients.

Helping you live stress free

We believe you shouldn't worry about money, we aim to help get you there.

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